Magic Entertainment London | Magic School of London

If you want to learn magic you are at the right place, The Magic School of London is the first magic school in London, create by Christian Gambin, professional magician since fourty years with a great experience of stage magic and close-up. French Champion of Magic and World  Magic Price winner, he is on of the best magicians actualy and also a singer, an actor and a stage manager. So in with the Magic school of london you will find how to learn the secrets of magic.

The best teachers and professional magicians, will helps you to find the good way to do correctly the thing. You will learn magic with cards, coins, balls, silks, ropes and many others… We will teach you the technique by also the presentation and the psychologie of each trick to become a good magician. With our experience it will be easy for you to understand the magic and you will put a magic touch in your life. You can take one lesson with our magician, and then change magician if you want, because all the magician are a speciality. you can also take a pack of four lessons and win money on the price. you can also have a master class with Christian Gambin to understood how to present the magic, because magic is made with your head the fingers are anly accessories. You wil also learn with him Christian Gambin the technique of how to make simple balloon for the kids, because they enjoy ballons form like a dog , a cat, a sword, a hat, a flower,etc… he can also teach you how to make your act to be a real magician or how to work  on close-up show. So welcome to the Magic School of London and enjoy magic.


Christian Gambin is The Gentleman Cheater magic show,it is the best intimist magic show in London and you must booking  quickly if you want to have the chance to see is stunning magician. he makes magic just under your eyes , every body are around the table and the cards change in your hand, appear, desappear, just like that ! Christian Gambin is a magic champion, Word Fism Magic Winner, French Magic Champion, he is really a fantastic magician.No time to sleep the effects are all along the show and there is a part of cheating trick astonishing, he deal the cards as he want and get a Square of Aces and transform it in a Royal Flush, fantastic magic.

The Gentleman Cheater is also funny, is delighted magic , and is Fench Touch, make this show very special, he is also a very good singer, so he present his trick and sing something this make a good ambiance ding the show. Something he seems to do nothing but the magic happen still there all around us. He is an Inbelivable magician, he start the magic at 10 and now he get 50 years practice in his hand.. Stunning when he find aces after people has shuffe the cards so many time, one cut, one hand, one ace or when he can’t see with a scarf on his eyes and find a Royal Flush. the beginning of the show is manipulation cards and sleigh of hand, fans changed colors it is beautiful and cards appaer in his hands from nowhere. One card in is hand detroye in four pieces and he restored the card one by one pieces great magic. Before the end of the show , he cut and restore the rope at ten centimeter of your eyes, you can believe what you see, and he make a back stage trick and the rope be like at the beginning. You can try to find the trick but more you are near less you can see because his magic his perfect. He is a brillant magician working his show all around the world, from the famous music-hall Paradis Latin of Paris to the first class cabaret The Crystal Room of Tokyo, audience enjoy this moment of magic. working in London to in the old cabaret Chaplin’s and Stork Club, famous cabaret many years ago, we have seem him in the Good Old Days show on BBC and make also party, wedding and corporate events. In Paris he has created the first Magic theatre for children twenty five years agos, very nice theatre of fifty seats, where children and [arents enjoy his magic, singers , actor and writer his is a complet artist. You must absolutly see his show and you never regret your money. His magic show is for everyone start seven old to any age. Is playing in a four stars hotel in the West End at Nadler Soho Hotel 10, Carlisle Street London W1D 3BR near Tottenham Court Station last Friday at seven firty